Amazing meditation experience — “sleep condition improved and ureteral stone excreted”

Congratulations to this Malaysian gentleman – Fuwen Liao – for sharing his health journal.

In the past, for 3 years, he would wake up daily after only 1 hour of sleep. After a mere 3 days at the Health and Happiness Retreat, he could sleep continuously for 4 hours.

He also suffered from two years of ureteral calculi (stones), and had tried a variety of treatments, which were not effective. Yet, during the 4th day of the Retreat, he easily excreted the ureteral stone.

What other kinds of surprises are in store at Bodhi Meditation’s 8.5 Days of Health and Happiness Retreat?

(Note: Results of meditation may vary according to individuals.)
*Bodhi Meditation do not advocate reducing or stoping of medication. Please seek your doctor’s advice.

From the video:
I am Fuwen Liao and live in Ampang. I do furniture carpentry work.
Before, I could only sleep an hour every night and would wake up and stay awake, unable to fall asleep again and this went on for 3 years.

When I started practicing the Meditation of Greater Illumination and the Meditation of Purity, my whole body ached. I persevered on with the practices and after 3 days, I sensed some transformation. I slept for a stretch of 4 hours that night.

Two years ago, I was actually diagnosed with stones in the ureter and insomnia.
On the 4th day of the Health and Happiness Retreat, I continued to practice diligently. I experienced pain in my abdominal area. That afternoon, I felt discomfort and pain when I urinated.
After that I continued practicing for 4 consecutive sessions of meditation. That evening when I went home, I was surprised when I felt a grain being passed out while showering.
The grain fell to the floor and being curious, I washed the grain and examined it. It seemed hard and I kept it.
My son said it was a stone and my daughter searched the Internet for an answer.
Was it (related to) my ureteral calculi? It was! I was elated as the ureteral stone was discharged from my body.
I returned to share my experience with the Teachers at the Retreat,
“It’s so amazing”, I told them. The results are apparent within four to five days.
I’d been searching for two years, seeing different doctors and taking medication but to no avail. I’d tried many treatment, but they were not effective. Now, with this meditation practice which I learnt during the 8.5 -day Health and Happiness Retreat, I witnessed positive results in just 4 days, My back and spinal aches have also vanished
As I practiced till the 7th and 8th day, my sleep duration increase to 6 hours.
I have deep gratitude to my Grandmaster JinBodhi for the recovery.

I am also more outspoken now. When I first came, I spoke little, as I was afraid. I’m more cheerful now, right? I just feel so happy!
My ureteral stone has been expelled!
Introduction to Fuwen Liao’s Testimonial
There was a period of three years during which he would wake up every hour of every night. Yet after just three days of meditation practice at the Health & Happiness Retreat, he was able to sleep soundly for four hours at a stretch.
He also suffered from urinary calculi, for which he had tried all kinds of treatment to no avail. On the fourth day of the meditation retreat, he was able to excrete the stones from his body.
What other surprises are in store at a Bodhi Meditation 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat? Let’s find out.
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